Abatement Services

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Asbestos is deemed a hazardous material. When about to start the demolition process, you should test the materials for the presence of asbestos. If that testing results in a positive result, then CVE can come remove and dispose of the hazardous material. CVE is a licensed contractor that has a special license that allows us to properly and safely remove the dangerous material.

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Mold can cause health issues for the occupants, and must be removed. Water damage from leaks, flooding, and water damage from putting out a fire can all cause mold to develop quickly. CVE will remove and contain the mold to help make the property safe to occupy again.

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Lead is a hazardous material and must be removed by a licensed contractor. Lead was used in many surface coatings and when it deteriorates or is disrupted by a renovation must be removed and disposed of safely without exposing any other areas.