Merced Historical Downtown Revitalization

Beeckcenter and CVE partnered in an initiative to restore the Historic Downtown of the City of Merced. As an ongoing effort, CVE is doing it’s part to preserve landmarks within the community, as Mayor Mike Murphy recently sloganed, Merced is “A City on the Rise”.


“The Tioga, with its historic and majestic entrance at 1715 N Street, was built in 1928 as the “Hotel Tioga.” Today, it’s in the final stages of a $15 million renovation project that is set to entice working professionals to rent modern living spaces and “discover the historic charm in Merced’s newest community.” –Yanira Ledezma: Merced County Times

El Capitan CVE Demo 2
El Capitan CVE Demo

“Merced’s El Capitan Hotel is about to embark on a journey which will see it try to recapture the 19th Century grandeur it once enjoyed. The $16 million project at West Main and M streets is due to be finished in fall 2019 and help downtown Merced become a destination in itself.” – Doane Yawger: Merced County Times

Mainzer CVE Demo

“Our whole purpose of being here is to elevate downtown Merced, to give back to our community, and to be part of our community. … We’re very lucky to be able to do this here.” – Jerry Perez: Director of Food and Beverage

Source: John Miller – Merced County Times