CVE Large Scale Demolition Service


CVE is a full-service deconstruction services company. We provide services for residential, commercial, and public buildings ranging from partial dismantling to the disassembly of entire structures.

When a building needs to be removed completely, deconstruction provides an opportunity to systematically reverse the construction process, from the roof to the foundation, in order to salvage all reusable materials from the structure.

Deconstruction is a green alternative to traditional demolition. This is a result of growing environmental awareness, increasing building materials costs, and evolving legislation. The purpose of our deconstruction services program is to identify suitable buildings for deconstruction; safely dismantle them by hand to harvest maximum materials, and then re-sell the materials at discounted prices. Our crew has been trained in safety, proper tool use, and careful removal of building materials; per California State guidelines.

Steps To Manage Deconstruction Materials:

  • Repair, refinish, or re-face materials
  • Salvage, store and reuse materials elsewhere on the renovation project
  • Recycle materials responsibly
  • Properly dispose of waste material

Materials reclaimed from deconstruction are processed, sorted, and packaged on the project site. Landscaping may even be salvaged. Materials are then transported to our Fresno warehouse for input into our inventory system, priced, and placed on the sales floor for sale. Statistics are tracked and the results used to improve our approach to future projects.

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