Caryn I

I am writing to commend Braydon Stout, of Central Valley Environmental, for his recent restoration of my home. I was one of the lucky homeowners in the fire storms in Santa Rosa and my home was still standing. But it needed to be cleaned before I could return. However, I was not prepared for all the obstacles I faced just getting my house clean. Many of the companies offering cleaning services were overwhelmed and could not start for weeks or months. One major problem was many of the companies did not offer the full scope of services needed but would have to subcontract out cleaning of the floors, ducts, or HVAC etc. This posed significant scheduling issues.

Enter Braydon Stout. He offered the whole picture! Not only could he perform every aspect of the cleaning, thereby controlling the whole process, he could start that Monday. Given it was Friday, this was a rapid turnaround time, indeed. All weekend I worried if this was a case of too good to be true, but come Monday morning, Braydon was there at 8:00 AM, complete with crew and a big smile. Braydon and his crew certainly knew what they were doing and went right to work. Everyone in the crew knew their role, and carried out their duties efficiently and quickly. I was introduced to the foreman and we exchanged numbers in case either of us had questions. I was very impressed!

My home was in an odd state of flux when the fire struck. My son, daughter-in-law and my year-old granddaughter were moving from the main house to the granny unit and I was moving all my sewing paraphernalia into the space they were vacating. As we fled the fire, we grabbed what we could, yanking boxes, clothes, and pictures off walls and out of closets. Many less important things were simply dropped on the floor. Stuff was everywhere and was not in particular order.

After Braydon inspected the house, he made a plan that he fully discussed with me and included all aspects of concern, including things that I had not even considered. He even had a plan for the general chaos of the migrating possessions that was in process. While the primary concern was cleaning all exposed surfaces, Braydon also talked about the system to separate all items that were cleaned and needed to be put back vs those things that would not be cleaned for very specific, understandable reasons. Braydon was so easy going and reassuring, I appreciated his calm demeanor. We met several times as the work progressed to ensure things were to my satisfaction. The foreman also checked frequently to make sure that I was satisfied.

In looking back, I think the most important aspect of cleaning that I was naïve about, was the HVAC system which included an expensive home air filtration system. Braydon was very knowledgeable about the HVAC. He carefully explained that after the cleaning the system it would need to be closely monitored to prevent re-contaminating the ducts and all other parts of the system, because demolition of nearby houses would begin soon, throwing all the ash, dust, and contaminants back into the air once again, which could be sucked back into the HVAC. As per his calm, reassuring manner, Braydon had ways to help protect all the cleaning that been accomplished. I really appreciate Braydon and recommend him without reservation.

Even though this was one of the most horrific events I have ever experienced, the care and expertise provide under the professional and conscientious attention from Braydon Stout was phenomenal! I am able to return home and resume life in a much-altered neighborhood.

Thank you,

Caryn I.