Diane H. and Richard C.


Our home survived the horrific Tubbs wildfire but as we were only four doors away from homes that did burn, our interior was smoke damaged. We had been almost constantly sick since the fire and after talking to some of our neighbors, determined we needed to have our home remediated before it would be habitable. We got two bids and weren’t very comfortable with either of the companies and then an online friend recommended CVE.

From the moment we met Braydon and Jesus, we realized we were dealing with a different kind of company and folks that were not only extremely competent and professional, but who also were kind, patient and compassionate. They quickly gained our confidence and we were immediately put at ease. My husband, Richard, had many questions, especially about our rugs—a wool oriental and two rayon rugs– and after learning of Jesus’ background, Richard’s concerns were quickly alleviated. The results were amazing, the rug and fringe have never looked better and the rayon rugs, which we had been told were impossible to clean, have been brought back to life.

Both Braydon and Jesus spent considerable time with us prior to starting work, answering all our questions, explaining in detail the procedures that would make our home livable again. They offered to be present when we met with our insurance adjuster, to explain the details of their work and answer any questions and their bid was easily accepted, a real relief.

Once the job started, both Braydon and Jesus were always available to answer our questions—by email and by phone. As the work progressed, Braydon kept us informed of the status and alerted us in a timely manner that the job would require more time to complete so that we could extend our rental. He contacted our insurance adjuster and took care of the details to facilitate additional ALE expenses. We were especially impressed that CVE (knowing of our allergies) built a containment tunnel extending from our attic access hatch to the front door, preventing any fiberglass or ash from contaminating the interior of our home. We can’t imagine any other contractor taking such care to ensure we would come home to a spotless house, free of airborne contaminants.

The east-facing exteriors of our home and shed were damaged by what were probably very hot droplets of melted roof shingles driven by the fierce wind. Braydon made sure our insurance adjuster understood what had happened and the work required to repair the damage.

Braydon and Jesus represent CVE very well, they take justified pride in the quality and thoroughness of their work, and they are genuinely a pleasure to work with. We felt very comfortable leaving our home in their care. We are extremely impressed with your company—we’ve recommended you online and to friends– and our experience with Braydon and Jesus made a difficult experience much, much easier.

Thank you very much,

Diane Harris and Richard Cleverly