Environmental Services in San Francisco

 10th January 2017, San Francisco – CVE now offers environmental services in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Sonoma County, and is headquartered in Fresno, CA. Our environmental services are available throughout California and we are an industry leader in:

CVE is a certified abatement contractor in California working with state and federal agencies in the interest of public safety. Using the latest hazard materials removal equipment, we safely dispose of harmful materials.

Mold Remediation

Mold and other harmful pathogens grow rapidly in warm, dark, moist spaces. There are different types of mold that cause harmful reactions in many people. The pathogens grow inside leaking basements, attics and ventilation systems.

Our job is to remove mold from commercial and residential buildings. We use thermal imaging systems to locate and eradicate the mold. Trained technicians use dry ice blasting, a non-toxic procedure, to safely remove mold from walls, ceilings, and tight spaces.

Lead and Asbestos Removal

Lead-based paint and other coatings have not been used since the late 1970s. Older buildings may need the lead paint removed from their exterior and interior walls. The lead coatings were not originally harmful, but dust generated from deteriorating paint is considered carcinogenic. Asbestos was once used extensively in flooring.

Today, it is illegal to use this product since the dust from asbestos products can be inhaled, leading to numerous bronchial problems. Asbestos must be safely removed from old floors using special hazmat removal equipment.

Inhaled dust from both leaded coatings and asbestos can cause cancer. Our technicians are trained and certified in the processes approved by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) to safely remove lead paint and other lead-based products from buildings.

CVE is expert in Asbestos Abatement and RemovalDemolition ServicesDeconstruction ServicesMold Remediation, Lead Abatement, and offer services to San Luis Obispo, San Francisco, Bakersfield, Santa Rosa, Fresno, Sonoma County, Fresno County, East Bay, Visalia, Modesto, Marin CountySan Diego CountyNapa County, Solano County and beyond.