Get the Lead Out with CVE’s Lead Abatement Services

Many homeowners across California may not realize that every day they are being exposed to the dangers of lead poisoning. Typically found in the lead paint used in older homes, lead poisoning can result in deadly complications to the kidneys, cardiovascular system, reproductive system, and even the nervous system.CVE is known all over the North and Central regions of California as one of the leading providers of reliable asbestos abatement. However, what customers may not realize is that they offer other services like lead abatement.

4 Common Lead Abatement Services Methods

Similar to their asbestos abatement methods, CVE contractors use several different techniques to prevent lead-based health issues.

  1. Enclosure

Large walls and other surfaces that contain lead paint can be easily covered up using an enclosure method. Instead of removing the lead from a home, the enclosure will contain the lead in a protective wall covering.

  1. Paint Removal

Unless you are a certified professional, you should never attempt to remove lead paint because it turns into lead dust and can be very dangerous.

  1. Encapsulation

Like enclosure, encapsulation covers an area that is highly exposed to lead but also seals the affected area for an added layer of protection. Although this is an inexpensive option, the specific sealing coating is not very versatile and cannot be used on certain surfaces.

  1. Replacement

The replacement option is very straightforward. If there are high amounts of lead paint on your doors and windows, you may need to throw them away and replace them. This option is one of the most expensive because it requires you to buy new doors and windows. However, it is a sure-fire way to be certain your family is safe.

At CVE, our fully licensed contractors have over 25 years of experience under their belts and offer lead abatement  residential, commercial, and industrial customers across Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Marin County, San Rafael, Novato, Napa County, Napa, Solano County, East Bay, Modesto, San Francisco, San Louis Obispo, Fresno County, Visalia, Bakersfield and throughout California. For a free consultation, give us a call at (707) 584-1900 for Northern CA or (559) 222-1122 for Central CA.