How the Asbestos Abatement Process Works for California Homeowners

The process for asbestos abatement within the California home is one that is rarely understood by local homeowners. But for those who face the risks of asbestos intrusion, it can be an important consideration. Abatement (or removal) is the process by which teams painstakingly eliminate the asbestos from the home to ensure the property’s ongoing safety. To help guide you as you consider the abatement option, we’ll highlight what abatement involves and the steps required to safely remove asbestos from the property.

  1. First, Material is First

Before any asbestos can be removed safely from the property, the material is tested. That’s because the removal process involves tearing apart the property to remove the intrusion and only when the company is sure that asbestos is present will they begin the removal process.

  1. The Property is Emptied

Once the material has been tested and it’s been proven that asbestos is present, all people and animals are then removed from the home.

  1. The Impacted Area is Sealed Off

When the work is about to begin, California asbestos abatement teams will begin by sealing off the area of the home in which they find the asbestos. This ensures that the asbestos doesn’t spread throughout the property. They’ll use duct tape and special film as a seal and then use a pressure machine to ensure that there is negative air pressure within the affected area. This further ensures the asbestos cannot move from its current location.

  1. The Asbestos is Removed

The asbestos is then removed from the home. Popcorn ceilings will have to be analyzed carefully for the small pockets that can contain asbestos. While items such as insulation can be simply pulled out from the building and then replaced. The level of danger posed to removal teams and to those in the surrounding environment will dictate the time and the precision required for the removal process.

  1. The Area is Vacuumed

Abatement teams will then use a special vacuum to ensure that any leftover remnants are removed from the property, and that the property is then safe for the return of your family to their home. Only after a complete analysis of the area has been completed will the abatement team advise your family to return.

By learning more on the full range of challenges associated with the abatement process, you can become proactive in safeguarding your family and your property. To discover more asbestos abatement options available in California, contact our trusted CVE team today!