The Benefits of Working with Professionals for Asbestos Removal in San Francisco

CVE asbestos removal in San Francisco

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was once commonly used in construction, from roofing shingles to insulation. It’s no longer used in construction because of the serious health risks associated with exposure to it. Because of this, if you have an older property, you may want to find a service that can identify if asbestos was used in your property’s construction. If it’s present, you’re going to want to use a professional that provides asbestos removal in San Francisco.

Never attempt to remove asbestos on your own because when the fibers break off and get into the air it becomes hazardous to your health. When a person inhales these fibers, they are exposed to the risk of developing lung cancer or mesothelioma. When asbestos removal in San Francisco is required, special permits and licenses are needed because of how dangerous it is.

A professional service that provides asbestos removal must be licensed as a contractor and must pass an open-book exam; before being licensed for asbestos removal in San Francisco. When properly licensed and certified, a contractor will know how to identify asbestos and how to safely remove it without accidentally contaminating the area. Anyone that attempts to remove asbestos on their own not only risks their own health; but also potentially the health of others.

Professionals with the proper permits and licenses will have the expertise and equipment necessary to:

  • Identify asbestos
  • Repair or encapsulate asbestos materials
  • Safely enclose asbestos materials
  • Remove asbestos safely

If you need asbestos removal in San Francisco, or anywhere in California; only work with a contractor that has the proper permits and licenses to do so. Here at Central Valley Environmental, we are fully licensed, bonded and certified as an asbestos removal service. Contact us for more information about our asbestos removal services today at 855-912-6787.