Tim McCarty

On October 9th, our house sustained significant smoke and outside burn damage from the Tubbs fire. We were not able to get back into our house for over five weeks. During that time period, our house was saturated by a smoke filled environment. Through a house inspection firm, Central Valley Environmental, CVE, was recommended to us to assess our house for smoke and ash remediation. We called CVE and within the day, they provided an on site consultation.

Our contact person was Braydon Stout. He was just amazing in his listening skills and most importantly, he was able to get a highly competent team to begin our smoke and ash removal throughout our house. We had our walls and ceilings wiped, our floors and carpets cleaned and all of furniture was cleaned in a very carful manner. Additionally, our heating and ventilation was completely cleaned out and our entire house had ozone treatment. All of these procedures were highly effective to remove smoke odor as well as fire related ash.

While all of the cleaning was effective, what impressed me was the overall level of service. We were always in the know about what was going to happen next, how it went and possible next steps. Communication with us was superb. Any calls or concerns we had, were always addressed promptly and professionally. Each staff member of the cleaning teams were on time, well mannered, and careful in handling our many valuable assets. For example, our entire garage was emptied, cleaned and put back in place. This was not an easy feat as we still had not fully moved in.

An added bonus with CVE is they have a powerful network of other service providers. For example, our clothes needed to be cleaned and CVE found a service provider for that scope of work. Our expensive Persian rugs needed to be cleaned, and we we referred to a top tier vendor for that part of the work. In essence, CVE staff acted like a project manager for the other services that needed to be performed for our home.

I highly recommend CVE and Braydon Stout and his team for their competence, professionalism, communication and reliability.

Tim McCarty, Ed.D.