yelp beloved award 2023

Yelp Beloved Business Award 2023

As our presence in southern California has continued to grow, CVE is very proud to be
recognized by our customers who have found our services through Yelp! We take pride as an
organization to make sure our customer service is top notch, and CVE southern division has
been noticed by Yelp for creating a great experience for our customers.

Call us today, and have the “CVE Experience” for yourself!

yelp award 2023

We’re proud ot recognize CVE San Diego as one of the highest-rated and best reviewed businesses on Yelp. There are over 6 million active claimed business pages on our platform and over 265 million cumulative reviews, so to have such high ratings and positive reviews is no small feat.

In honor of this distinction, we are sending you an official 2023 People Love Us On Yelp
sticker and certificate of authenticity. Display ti on your door, window, business vehicle, or other high-visibility areas to show customers:

• You are a universally loved business ni the community
• You are vetted on the world’s largest review site
•You value customer feedback and encourage engagement with your business

Our mission wil always be ot connect people with great local businesses, and we can do that because of you. You’re doing an incredible job, and we thank you for being such a
valuable community member.

Best wishes,
Jeremy Stoppelman
CEO &Co-founder, Yelp