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Asbestos Areas in San Diego

If there’s anything that any San Diego homeowner or interested homebuyer should be wary of or careful about, it’s asbestos. 

During any commercial or renovation project, the dangers of inadvertently dealing with asbestos are significant because of the area’s history. For older structures, in particular, the risks of inhalation and exposure are significantly greater because of the age and fragility of the material found in such spaces. Should you find yourself in the position of wanting to work on an old structure in San Diego, you must exercise the utmost caution to avoid the possibility of exposing yourself to toxic asbestos. Fortunately, you can greatly minimize your risk of exposure by briefing yourself on the areas of structures where it is commonly found. Let’s focus learn more about asbestos areas in San Diego.

San Diego and Asbestos

San Diego has been home to a diverse history of thriving construction and manufacturing industries. For decades before asbestos was banned for use worldwide, builders in San Diego used it in nearly all structures they put up. Although the intention behind the material’s use was for practical and, at the time, well-thought reasons, this unexpectedly turned many structures in the city into high-risk areas.  

To best understand why anyone looking to renovate or refurbish a commercial or residential property in San Diego should be mindful of asbestos exposure, we’ll need to look at the history of its presence here.

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Because of the historical use of such materials, the instances of asbestos exposure and risks of mesothelioma bear a cause of concern for homeowners and workers alike. The city’s asbestos problem, in fact, has worsened rapidly to the point where San Diego has one of the highest rates of mesothelioma incidences in the United States. To add to this, the city also has a significant number of mesothelioma law firms that represent those who have been exposed to asbestos and diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Regulations Concerning Asbestos In San Diego

Currently, San Diego upholds four major asbestos regulations that impact residential and commercial renovation projects all throughout California. Here are the current guidelines set by local departments concerning the matter: 

  1. There is no cut-off date where asbestos can no longer be found in building materials;
  2. Asbestos inspections are required in all non-residential renovation/demolition projects prior to disturbance and regardless of construction date;
  3. You cannot remove or disturb any quantity of asbestos-containing material (ACM), unless you’re an asbestos abatement contractor, and;
  4. Licensed contractors are allowed to collect up to 12 asbestos samples, but the contractor must have an AHERA building inspector certification, and the project must be residential.

A List of Asbestos Areas in San Diego

A.C. Martin
Air Traffic Tower
Alaynite Corporation
American Electric Powerhouse
American Fisheries
American Processing Company
Anthony’s Restaurant
Arco Alaska
Arco California
Associated Exhaust Pipe
Avco Office Building
B.T. Alaska
B.T. San Diego
Blueprint Exhaust
California Packing Company
Camp Pendelton
Campbell Industries Shipyard
Campbell Machine/ Ship Building & Repair
Campus Shops
Charles R. Richards
Chas R. Mccormick Company
Chemetron Corporations
City of San Diego
Cold Storage Building 228
Computer Area Control Data
Consolidated Aircraft
Consolidated Steel Shipbuilding
Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Company
Convair Division General Dynamics
Coronado Beach Hotel
Courthouse – Hot Water Tanks
Cuyamaca Conservation Facility
Cynberg Field Airport
Dietary Sharp Hospital
Dockside Marine Works
E R Stong Building Materials
Ehmcke Sheet Metal Works
English & Lauer
Epcor Utilities, Incorporated
Etiwanda Generating Station
Etiwanda Steam Plant (Bechtel)
Executive House, 1st and C Sts.
Fairchild Semiconducting
Fashion Valley Stores
First National Bank
Fleet Asw School
Fluid Systems Division of Uop
Foodmaker Company
Fort Rosencrans
Garden School

General Atomic – Sorrento Valley Road
General Dynamics
George Crawford Company
Globe Theater
Granite Hills Plumbing
Greenwood Memorial Park
Grossmont District Hospital
Gulf General Atomic
Hanale Hotel
Harbor Boat Shipyard
Hotel Del Coronado
Hydraulic Dredging Company
Ibm – Hotel Circle North
Industries Supply
International Harvester
John Muir College
Kelco Corporation
Kenneth Fraisier Company
Lairport & Santa Fe Team Tracks
Lindberch Field Extention
Liquid Natural Gas Operations Center
Los Alamitos Steam Plant
Mabel Control Data Center
Marine Corps Recruiting Depot
Marsh Company Murray
Martinolich Shipyards
Mercy Hospital
Mesa College
Mesa Vista Hospital
Miramar Air Force Base
Miramar Naval Air Station
Mission Valley Inn
Monarch Refineries
Monarch Smelting and Refining Company Inc
Muncie Cramer Unit
Munger Laundry
NASSCO (National Steel and Shipbuilding Co.)
Nassco Aka Todd/Nassco
National Cash Register
National City Library
National Steel & Shipbuilding
Naval Air Station North Island
Naval Electronic Lab
Naval Hospital
Naval Operating Base
Naval Repair Shipyard
Naval Supply Center
Naval Supply Depot
Naval Training Center

Naval Training Station
North Island Naval Air Station
Nrg Encina Generating Plant
Oceanside Municipal Airport
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation

Pacific Bridge Company
Pacific Telegraph & Telephone
Palomar College
Paradise Valley Hospital
Pasadena & Santa Fe Team Tracks
Patrick Henry High School
Peerless Laundry
Pipefitters Union – Local 89
Progressive Aircraft
Public Utility Engr. and Service Corporation
Rancho Bernadino Inn #1
Reamfield Barracks
Redondo Beach Steam Plant
Refrigeration Equipment Company
Robinsons Fashion Valley – Mission Valley
Royal Inns – Point Loma
Ryan Aeronautical
Ryan Aircraft
Saint Martins Nuns Quarters
San Diego Brewing Company
San Diego Consolidates Gas and Electric Company
San Diego County Courthouse
San Diego County Public Schools
San Diego Desalting Test Facility
San Diego Dormitory
San Diego Electric Railway Company
San Diego Federal Savings Building
San Diego Gas and Electric Company
San Diego Hospital – Psychiatric Unit
San Diego Ice and Cold Storage Company
San Diego Marine Construction Company
San Diego Marine Shipyard
San Diego Naval Air Station – North Island
San Diego Naval Pier
San Diego Naval Shipyard
San Diego Power Plant
San Diego Sewer Treatment Plant
San Diego Shipyard
San Diego State College
San Diego State University
San Diego Trust & Savings
San Diego Zoo – Liquid Natural Gas Line
San Jose Sewer Treatment Plant
Santa Fe Team Track
Savage Tire Company
Schap Disposal Corp

Scripps Health
Scripps Hospital
Sea Lodge
Sears, Roebuck and Company
Service School Barracks
Sewage Treatment Plant
Sharp Memorial Hospital
Sharps Hospital
Ship Operating Faciltiy – Point Loma
Silvergate Plant
Silvergate Powerhouse
Sithe Ntc/Mcrd
Solar Aircraft
South Bay Powerhouse
South Bay Station
Southern California Edison Power Plant
Southland Mechanical Revamping
Southwest Marine
States Marine Isthmian Agency
Steel Packing Company
Steen Distribution
Sterling Hotel Circle
Stromberg Data Graphic
Student Union Building
Sun Harbor Industries
Triple A Machine
U. S. M. C. Recruit Depot
U.S. Marine Auditorium
U.S. Naval Base
U.S. Naval Station
Union Bank
Union Ice Company
Union Oil
United California Bank
United States Grant Hotel
United States Naval Shipyard
United States Storage Plant For Fuel Oil
University Hospital
University of California
Us Marine Corps
Us Navy Destroyer Base
Us Navy Hospital & Marine Recreation Department
V E Wood Company
Valley Circle Theater
Van Camp Sea Food Company
Veteran’s Affairs Hospital
Wellington Boiler
Wesley Palms Retirement Home
Western Fibrous Glass Prod
Westgate Executive House
Westward Ho Hotel
White Front Store

San Diego is undoubtedly a great place to live and work in, and this inherent asbestos problem is something that should be considered. Through the help of this guide, you’ll be able to protect yourself and your loved ones in the event that you do end up inadvertently putting yourself at risk of unwanted complications.

CVE Corp is one of the highest-rated asbestos removal companies in San Diego. If you’re looking to take care of your project’s needs and protect yourself from unwanted exposure, get in touch with us today!