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What Do Asbestos Removal Companies in California Do?

When it comes to asbestos, you need to make sure it is not present in your home. Modern houses are not built with asbestos, which is a known carcinogen. However, older homes were often constructed with the use of asbestos-based materials. Whether you’re moving into a new home or you’ve never had the house tested; you need to work with licensed asbestos removal companies in California to have your house tested. Should the company detect the presence of asbestos you then need to move and have it removed. CVE offers asbestos removal services for residential and commercial properties. Here is what you can expect when it comes to asbestos removal from CVE.


The first step in the asbestos removal process is testing the house. The certified professionals at CVE. will come to the property and conduct a complete test. Should they discover asbestos, they will work with you in developing a corrective plan.

Leave the Property

If asbestos is detected you will need to leave, including all family pets. It is no longer safe to stay in the property until the asbestos is correctly removed. You will not be allowed back in until all asbestos fibers are removed, and the property is safe.

Abatement (Removal)

An experienced and certified asbestos removal team now enters. CVE creates a protective barrier around rooms and areas of the house where asbestos is present in order to prevent the movement of fibers. The asbestos fibers are removed carefully as it is easy to disrupt some fibers. This process can take several days if not longer, depending on the severity of the asbestos (it generally isn’t a task that can be rushed due to the need for safe handling).

Final Inspection

Following the abatement removal, a final inspection is performed. This is done to double-check and make sure all asbestos has been correctly removed from the property. Once it passes inspection you can move back in.

Trust Our Asbestos Removal Company in San Diego

Asbestos removal is a service you must take advantage of should asbestos be found in your California property. The professionals on our team are experts in the field and can assist you with all of your asbestos and home testing needs. Contact our team today for more information about our asbestos removal services across California.

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