Industries Served

Central Valley Environmental’s expertise in a wide range of environmental services makes us your first choice for your next project. Our full list of the industries served and further details about each one will confirm CVE can complete your next project

CVE has a wide range of experience in the industrial field through years of plant and asset recovery. We have demolished plants and factories throughout California, including abandoned motorcycle manufacturing plants to recently decommissioned roofing paper plants. CVE possesses the experience and knowledge of the industry to provide large-scale industrial demolition at competitive rates.


The commercial demolition industry tends to be one of the more demanding industries that CVE serves. It is also an industry that allows us to provide clients with as many solutions to their problems as we can find. Solutions like shredding building debris or crushing concrete for re-use on site help our clients obtain their goals – getting the project done on time, under budget, and safely.


CVE prides itself on being able to provide demolition services to anyone who needs them. This mindset keeps us from excluding those smaller jobs around the community that need to be taken care of. We provide turnkey solutions to individual homeowners to provide them with the most pain-free solution to their residential demolition needs.


Working in the field of education has to be one of the most sensitive environments when it comes to demolition. When it comes to working around today’s youth, no one knows the importance of job-site management more than CVE. We have, and continuously get, contracts at educational facilities that force us to bring our best to accomplish projects with minimal outside disturbance. Whether it is working on weekends or holidays or just providing that extra layer of care, CVE is always there to get the job done right.

Fuel and Oil Supply

State-issued certifications and licenses held by CVE have afforded us the opportunity to work on several projects in the Fuel and Oil Industry. Whether it is removing miles of large-diameter jet-fuel lines or removing underground storage tanks, CVE has the crew and capabilities to handle it.


Perhaps no other industry provides a larger array of project variation than the Government and Military. CVE  has successfully been working on Government projects and Military bases since the beginning. From selective HVAC demolition at the Elmwood Correctional facility in Milpitas, to the demolition of a jet hangar at the Fresno Air National Guard, to the demolition of massive vacuum chambers for a hypersonic wind tunnel at the NASA Ames Research Facility at Moffett field, CVE has gained a massive knowledge base for Government operations and requirements. We feel this industry has challenged us as a company to rise to the occasion for any project, anywhere, at anytime.

CVE is expert in Asbestos Abatement and Removal, Demolition ServicesDeconstruction ServicesMold Remediation, Lead Abatement, and offer services to San Luis Obispo, San Francisco, Bakersfield, Santa Rosa, Fresno, Sonoma County, Fresno County, East Bay, Visalia, Modesto, Marin CountySan Diego CountyNapa County, Solano County and beyond.