We Provide Asbestos Abatement to All of California

California, December 27 – Though an incredibly resilient and useful material, asbestos has ultimately proven to be more trouble than it is worth. In fact, its carcinogenic effects are now considered one of the worst around. For this reason in particular, asbestos abatement in all types of buildings – residential and commercial – have taken on priority status for all building owners. Here is how we can help:

Thorough removal – If nothing else, the asbestos fiber is an incredibly resilient, tough material. It resists exposure to moisture, is fire-resistant and does not naturally decay. In short, it resists destruction to an uncanny degree. For this specific reason, it becomes extremely important for remediators to remove all traces of it in an inhabited space. It takes an experienced and properly trained crew of abatement technicians to do so.

Safe containment – At the next stage, asbestos must be “bagged and tagged” to ensure that it is handled in the proper manner while being transported. First, removal workers must be clothed in the proper garb and respiratory equipment to protect themselves. Secondly, they must ensure that all of the fibers end up in disposal bags rather than allowing them to be released into the environment. This may mean the use of special blowers and filters to trap every last fiber.

Proper disposal – Finally, the asbestos debris must be disposed of in the legally required manner. Asbestos is designated as a Class 1 waste and must therefore not be sent to a standard municipal solid waste (MSW) site. Instead, any asbestos debris must be delivered to a special waste landfill authorized to handle this material or any other special wastes.

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