Important Facts to Know About Asbestos and Asbestos Removal in San Diego

You’ve probably heard about the dangers of asbestos. It’s a building material used during previous decades in a number of manufactured hardware. You also probably know it is recommended to have the material removed from the house as well. However, do you know exactly what the danger of asbestos is and how it may affect those inside the house?

Here are several vital facts you need to know about asbestos and why you need asbestos abatement in San Diego from CVE Corp. should you discover the material is in fact in your property.

Where Asbestos is Found

Asbestos is a material commonly found in an assortment of building materials. It can be found in everything from insulation to composite material as well. Following the Second War during the housing boom, most houses saw some form of asbestos within it. While the material began to taper down in use, it continued to appear in homes and the materials used through the late 1980s, when more information came out about the product.

Eventually, researchers identified the link between asbestos and airborne illnesses of the lungs, including respiration issues and potentially cancer, due to the asbestos’ ability to eat away at the lining of the throat and lungs.

Easy to Spread

Typically, asbestos does not instantly cause health problems (outside of possible rashes through direct contact). Instead, it takes years of exposure for this to occur. However, asbestos fibers are easily disbursed in the air when disturbed. Due to this, a home owner should never try to remove the asbestos on their own.

Without professional assistance the fibers will likely disperse into other areas of the house, the HVAC system, and even out into the community when removing the asbestos from the house. All of this can lead to continued exposure and possibly the development of cancer. This is exactly why it is necessary to use a professional asbestos removal service.

Asbestos Abatement in San Diego from CVE Corp.

Testing your home for asbestos is a must. Should you discover the material is found within the house, the next move is to take advantage of CVE’s asbestos abatement in San Diego as quickly as possible.

The sooner you have it removed from the property the sooner you’ll be able to rest easy. If you have any questions regarding asbestos abatement or if you’re ready to schedule a home test or removal, make sure to contact the professionals at CVE Corp. today!

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